Here at Groovy, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take care of everything your car needs (except paint/bodywork). You can also check your history and the status of repair work via our contact form.

Need a quick Oil Change? Check out Groovy Lube.  
The Groovy Lube Center takes care of oil changes, flushes, coolant, air in tires, & fluid checks – the perfect place to go when you just need a quick oil change. We will vacuum your car and wash your windshield with all full service Groovy Lube!

Need more than an Oil Change? Check out Groovy Automotive.
The Groovy Automotive shops take care of all major repairs, in addition to the lube services above.

Groovy Lube Services

Groovy Lube Oil & Filter $31.95
Full Service Groovy Lube Oil & Filter $34.95
Transmission Flush $94.95
Power Steering Flush $64.95
Radiator Service $69.95
Fuel System Service $59.95
Oil System Flush $15.95
Fuel Filter $44.95 & up
Bulbs & Fuses $9.95 & Up
Additives $15.95
Cabin Air Filter $35.00 & Up
Serpentine Belts $59.95
Batteries $95.00 & Up

Groovy Automotive Services

Labor Rate Per Hour $104.63
Full Service Groovy Lube Oil Change $35.20
Electrical Diagnostic $104.63 & Up
Computer Diagnostic $104.63
Tune Up $104.63 and up + Parts
Brakes $195.26 + Parts
Ac Service $104.63 & Up
Buyers Check $104.63
Radiator Flush $124.95
Safety Inspection $28.75
Batteries $95.00 & Up
Wheel Balance Per Tire $16.00
Windshield Wipers $10.50 each
Bulbs & Fuses $3.00 ea. & Up

Some vehicles require extra labor to perform the above services.

U.S.-Wide Warranty for 1 Year/12,000 Miles
We guarantee our work for 1 year or 12,000 miles.  We’re part of a network of certified auto repair shops, so this warranty is good anywhere in the United States:

ASE Certified in the latest auto technology
Did you know that all of our technicians are ASE certified? What does this mean to you? Well, it means that all of our technicians have been trained using the latest in automotive technology to better serve your car. In addition, you have access to two master technicians who can solve most any problem!

Courtesy Car Service
Need a lift? We’ll be sure to get you on your groovy way by providing you with courtesy car service.

Corporate Fleet Accounts at 20% off, including pick-up & drop-off
Let Groovy Automotive manage your corporate fleet while you manage your company. Our service writers keep up to date records of vehicle repairs and will contact you for timely oil changes and other general upkeep services. Plus – selling is not what we do! Taking care of necessary repairs is our primary objective.   To start an account, you need a minimum of 5 vehicles.   We provide pick-up and drop-off service. Contact us for more details & to ask about our fleet discounts.